Why Jesus came


Jesus stood up and proclaimed “if anyone thirst let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the scripture has said “out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water” now this He said about the Spirit which those who believe in Him are to recieve, for as yet the Spirit had not been given because Jesus was not yet glorified.

I like the way it says “Jesus stood up” that’s what people do when they have got something worthwhile to say or when they have recieved something precious and wonderful which they want to share with folks. On the day of pentecost after the Holy Spirit had descended upon the men and the women who believed on Jesus and they all began to speak with divers tongues or unknown languages as the Spirit gave them utterance, then Peter “stood up” and began to tell the crowd that had gathered the wonderful things God had done in pouring out the Holy Spirit upon them which the crowd both saw and heard. In the crowd that Peter addressed [in this context] there were two types of people, there were those who had recieved the Holy Spirit in the experience described in the 2nd chapter of the acts of the apostles and there were people who had not recieved. Every single person who is reading these words must fall into one or the other of those same groups and every person must know to which group they belong.

Jesus said “if anyone thirst” much of scripture is written in non female friendly language but when Jesus used the terms “any man” He means “any one of mankind” male or female. I am going to stick to bible usage but I am going to say over and over again “hey women, this is for you too” I think inclusive language can be cumbersome and clumsy but there were women there in Peter’s group and they spoke in unknown languages as well as the men and they spoke about the wonderful things that God had done too. Now when it says unknown languages or divers tongues it means unknown [so obviously unlearned] by those who were speaking them but there were people present from every known nation under heaven and the languages were known to them and they understood what the disciples were talking about. Peter said “this which you see and hear is that which was prophesied by Joel, God will pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters will prophesy.”

The thing that Joel had foretold many hundreds of years before was happening before their very eyes. The thing which Jesus spoke about “rivers of living water” flowing out of the hearts of those that believed in Him. Have YOU believed in Him? have you recieved this wonderful Gift of the Holy Spirit? are not rivers of living waters a thing of joy and of peace refreshing all who recieve it and all who come into contact? bringing life with it.


You were brought up in a religious home but church has come to mean nothing to you, somehow you still believe in God you want to be a good person but heck you’re only human……”This is that” said Peter……THIS IS FOR YOU.

Pray.. “Jesus come into my heart today bringing forgiveness, peace and new life amen.”